Ways to meet people for BDSM hookups

Ways to meet people for BDSM hookups

Unfortunately, fellow kinksters aren't easily identifiable in public so you may think it’s hard to find a BDSM hookup. You could take your chances that the person you've been snogging on the dancefloor will let you take them home and tie them up or you could try one of these BDSM-specific avenues. It'll save you wasting your time and energy on the wrong person!
Tips in finding a mistress

Desperately seeking submission: top tips in finding a Mistress

Looking for a Mistress? Surprisingly they don't grow on trees and finding one you also have a connection with? Well, that's the jackpot baby! Searching subs will need patience, thoughtfulness, and determination if they're to bag themselves that elusive dom. Here are our top tips in finding a Mistress.
Beginners guide to BDSM

Learning to play: a beginners guide to BDSM

Have you got a fantasy or a fetish you wish to explore? Maybe you've dabbled in spanking and you liked it, really liked it. Or perhaps watching Fifty Shades piqued your interest in the erotic. Whatever brought you to this page, chances are you want to learn more about BDSM. Here's our easy to understand beginners guide.